Making Lives Better.

Currently, there are 2.1 billion people worldwide who are unbanked.

Building Financial Tools to Empower the Less Fortunate

Two Billion adults are unbanked, many of whom are migrants who rely on remittance services to send money back to their homes to support their loved ones. However, despite the best efforts of the World Bank to reduce the average remittance cost to 5% by 2014, it still stands at greater than 7%.

“Remittances play an important role in reducing the incidence and severity of poverty”, and a drop to 5% would save remitters approximately US$16 billion per year, which could go a long way to helping their families and friends.

At DSS, we support financial inclusion and so we’re building tools to Make Lives Better.

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Wowlet for living. Wowlet for life.

Wowlet™ is a pre-paid digital wallet designed to encourage financial inclusion and help bridge the e-commerce divide.
- Coming Summer 2016 -

SafetyNet KYC

Security at your fingertips.

SafetyNet™ is a global state-of-the-art KYC (Know Your Customer) utility Powered by IBM Watson, that helps companies understand the risk of a customer engaging in a high risk activity.
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JAIE, Artificial Intelligence Engine, powered by IBM Watson

Our Powerful Artificial Intelligence Engine, powered by IBM Watson

J.A.I.E.™ (Joint Artificial Intelligence Engine) powered by IBM Watson, sifts through hundreds of millions of data points to establish patterns and associations of persons/entities-of-interest, and the risk of them engaging in high risk activities. JAIE operates at a depth no human expert can achieve, thereby allowing it to produce results with a high degree of confidence.

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